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Abandoned Property

Abandoned Property Self Storage Abandoned Property Self Storage
Disposition of Unclaimed Property Law Disposition of Unclaimed Property Law

Americans With Disabilities Act

Educational Accommodations Educational Accommodations
Public Facility Accommodations Public Facility Accommodations
Work Accommodations Work Accommodations


Equine Equine


Attorney Client Privilege Attorney Client Privilege
Attorney Fees Attorney Fees
How to Find an Attorney How to Find an Attorney
Licensing of Attorneys Licensing of Attorneys
Malpractice Malpractice


Accident Liability Accident Liability
Buying a Car Registration Buying a Car Registration
Driver's License Driver's License
Insurance Insurance
Leasing a Car Leasing a Car
Safety Safety
Seat Belt Usage Seat Belt Usage
Traffic Violations Traffic Violations


Banking and Lending Law Banking and Lending Law
Banks, Saving and Loans, Credit Unions Banks, Saving and Loans, Credit Unions
Interest Rates Interest Rates


Bankruptcy Bankruptcy

Business and Consumers

Antitrust Antitrust
Attorneys Attorneys
Deceptive Trade Practices Deceptive Trade Practices
Interest Interest
Lemon Laws Lemon Laws

Business Law

Accounting Requirements Accounting Requirements
Conflicts of Interest Conflicts of Interest
Independent Contractors Independent Contractors
Limited Liability Entities Limited Liability Entities
Nonprofit Organizations Nonprofit Organizations
Officer and Director Liability Officer and Director Liability
Partnerships Partnerships
Shareholder Rights Shareholder Rights

Buy Sell Agreements

Buy Sell Agreements Buy Sell Agreements

Civil Laws

Civil Rights Civil Rights
Civil Statutes of Limitations Civil Statutes of Limitations
Gambling Gambling
Legal Ages Legal Ages
Medical Records Medical Records
Negligence Negligence
Right to Die Durable Power of Attorney Right to Die Durable Power of Attorney
Right to Die Euthanasia Right to Die Euthanasia
Right to Die Living Wills Right to Die Living Wills
Stalking Stalking
State Lotteries State Lotteries

Civil Rights

Affirmative Action Affirmative Action
Age Discrimination Age Discrimination
Assembly Assembly
Children's Rights Children's Rights
Civil Liberties Civil Liberties
Due Process Due Process
Establishment Clause Establishment Clause
Firearm Laws Firearm Laws
Free Speech and Freedom of Expression Free Speech and Freedom of Expression
Racial Discrimination Racial Discrimination
Religious Freedom Religious Freedom
Sexual Discrimination and Orientation Sexual Discrimination and Orientation
USA Patriot Act USA Patriot Act
Voting Rights Voting Rights

Consumer Issues

Advertising Advertising
Consumer Debt Collection and Garnishment Consumer Debt Collection and Garnishment
Consumer Rights and Protection Consumer Rights and Protection
Contracts Contracts
Credit Truth in Lending Credit Truth in Lending
Deceptive Trade Practices Deceptive Trade Practices
Defective Products Defective Products
Federal Trade Commission Regulation Federal Trade Commission Regulation
Identity Theft Overview Identity Theft Overview
Mail Order Purchases Telemarketing Mail Order Purchases Telemarketing
Ombudsman Programs Ombudsman Programs
Phishing Phishing
Purchases and Returns Purchases and Returns
Recalls by Manufacturers Recalls by Manufacturers
Warranties Warranties

Contract for Deed

Contract for Deed Contract for Deed


Contractors Contractors
Construction Liens Construction Liens


Corporations Corporations
Attorneys Attorneys
Corporate Dissolution Corporate Dissolution
Foreign Corporation Foreign Corporation
Professional Corporation Professional Corporation


Burden of Proof Burden of Proof
Civil Procedure Civil Procedure
Federal Courts and Jurisdictions Federal Courts and Jurisdictions
Juries Juries
Selection of Judges Selection of Judges
Small Claims Courts Small Claims Courts
State Courts State Courts
State Courts and Procedures State Courts and Procedures

Criminal Laws

Appeals Appeals
Bail and Bail Bond Agents Bail and Bail Bond Agents
Capital Punishment Capital Punishment
Computer Crimes Computer Crimes
Crimes Crimes
Criminal Procedure Criminal Procedure
Criminal Statutes of Limitations Criminal Statutes of Limitations
Death Penalty Death Penalty
DNA Testing, Fingerprints, and Polygraphs DNA Testing, Fingerprints, and Polygraphs
Double Jeopardy Double Jeopardy
Drunk Driving Drunk Driving
Drunk Driving Overview Drunk Driving Overview
Evidence Evidence
Fifth Amendment Fifth Amendment
Gun Control Gun Control
Illegal Drug Cocaine Illegal Drug Cocaine
Illegal Drug Heroin Illegal Drug Heroin
Illegal Drug Marijuana Illegal Drug Marijuana
Insanity Defense Insanity Defense
Juveniles Juveniles
Plea Bargaining Plea Bargaining
Probation and Parole Probation and Parole
Prohibited Consensual Sexual Activity Prohibited Consensual Sexual Activity
Right to Counsel Right to Counsel
Search and Seizure Search and Seizure
Sentencing and Sentencing Guidelines Sentencing and Sentencing Guidelines
Sex Offenders Sex Offenders
Theft of Identity Theft of Identity

Debts and Credit

Bad Checks Bad Checks
Fair Debt Collection Act Fair Debt Collection Act

Dispute Resolution Alternatives

Arbitration Arbitration
Mediation Mediation
Mini Trials Mini Trials
Negotiation Negotiation


Child Custody Child Custody
Grandparents Visitation Grandparents Visitation
Separation Agreements Separation Agreements
State FAQ State FAQ
State Law Summary State Law Summary

Drivers Hardship License Law

Drivers Hardship License Law Drivers Hardship License Law

Education Laws

Administering Medicine Administering Medicine
Athletics Athletics
Bilingualism Bilingualism
Codes of Conduct Codes of Conduct
Competency Testing Competency Testing
Compulsory Education Compulsory Education
Compulsory Education Overview Compulsory Education Overview
Corporal Punishment in Public Schools Corporal Punishment in Public Schools
Curriculum Curriculum
Desegregation and Busing Desegregation and Busing
Discipline and Punishment Discipline and Punishment
Drug Testing Drug Testing
Finance and Funding Finance and Funding
Homeschooling Homeschooling
No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 No Child Left Behind Act of 2001
Prayer in Public Schools Prayer in Public Schools
Privacy of School Records Privacy of School Records
School Prayer Overview and Pledge of Allegiance School Prayer Overview and Pledge of Allegiance
Special Education and Disability Access Special Education and Disability Access
Student Rights and Free Speech Student Rights and Free Speech
Teachers Teachers
Teachers Unions and Collective Bargaining Teachers Unions and Collective Bargaining
Truancy Truancy
Types of Schools Types of Schools
Violence and Weapons Violence and Weapons


Legal Holidays Legal Holidays
Minimum Wage Minimum Wage
Right to Work Right to Work
Whistleblower Statutes Whistleblower Statutes

Estate Planning

Estate and Gift Tax Estate and Gift Tax
Guardianships and Conservatorships Guardianships and Conservatorships
Intestacy Intestacy
Life Insurance Life Insurance
Power of Attorney Overview Power of Attorney Overview
Probate and Executors Probate and Executors
Trusts Overview Trusts Overview
Wills Overview Wills Overview


Discovery Discovery

Expungement of Criminal Records

Expungement of Criminal Records Expungement of Criminal Records

Family Laws

Abortion Abortion
Adoption Adoption
Adoption Overview Adoption Overview
Annulment and Prohibited Marriage Annulment and Prohibited Marriage
Child Abuse Child Abuse
Child Abuse, Child Safety and Discipline Child Abuse, Child Safety and Discipline
Child Custody Child Custody
Child Support and Custody Overview Child Support and Custody Overview
Cohabitation Cohabitation
Divorce, Separation and Annulment Overview Divorce, Separation and Annulment Overview
Domestic Violence Domestic Violence
Emancipation Emancipation
Family Planning, Abortion and Birth Control Overview Family Planning, Abortion and Birth Control Overview
Foster Care Foster Care
Gay Couples Gay Couples
Grandparent's Rights Grandparent's Rights
Grounds for Divorce Grounds for Divorce
Guardianship Guardianship
Marital Property Marital Property
Marriage Age Requirements Marriage Age Requirements
Marriage and Marriage Age Overview Marriage and Marriage Age Overview
Parent Liability Child's Act Parent Liability Child's Act
Paternity Paternity
Physician Assisted Suicide Physician Assisted Suicide
Prenuptial Agreements Prenuptial Agreements
Protective Orders Protective Orders
Unmarried Parents Unmarried Parents

First Amendment Law

Censorship Censorship


Guardianship Guardianship


Doctor Patient Confidentiality Doctor Patient Confidentiality
Informed Consent Informed Consent
Insurance Insurance
Limitations of Liability Limitations of Liability
Managed Care and HMOs Managed Care and HMOs
Medicaid Medicaid
Medical Malpractice Medical Malpractice
Medical Records Medical Records
Organ Donation Organ Donation
Patient Rights Patient Rights
Treatment of Minors Treatment of Minors
Treatment Without Insurance Treatment Without Insurance

Homeland Security

Department of Homeland Security Department of Homeland Security
Emergency Management Emergency Management
Natural Disasters Natural Disasters
Terrorism Terrorism


Asylum Asylum
Deportation Deportation
Dual Citizenship Dual Citizenship
Eligibility for Government Services Eligibility for Government Services
Residency, Green Cards and Naturalization Residency, Green Cards and Naturalization
U.S. Immigration and Naturalization U.S. Immigration and Naturalization

Intellectual Property

Copyright Copyright
Patents Patents
Trademarks Trademarks
Unfair Competition Unfair Competition


Advertising Advertising
Consumer Rights and Protection Consumer Rights and Protection
Free Speech Free Speech
Internet Crime Internet Crime
Internet Filters in Schools and Libraries Internet Filters in Schools and Libraries
Internet Privacy Internet Privacy
Internet Regulation Internet Regulation
Online Business Online Business
Piracy and File Sharing Piracy and File Sharing
Pornography Pornography


Foreign Judgments Foreign Judgments

Labor Law

At Will Employment At Will Employment
Benefits Benefits
Discrimination Discrimination
Drug Testing Drug Testing
Employee's Rights EEOC Employee's Rights EEOC
Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)
Labor Unions and Strikes Labor Unions and Strikes
Occupational Health and Safety Occupational Health and Safety
Privacy Privacy
Sexual Harassment Sexual Harassment
Unemployment Insurance Compensation Unemployment Insurance Compensation
Wage and Hour Laws Wage and Hour Laws
Whistleblowers Whistleblowers
Worker's Compensation Worker's Compensation

Landlord Tenant

Forcible Entry and Detainer Law Forcible Entry and Detainer Law
General General
Lease Termination Lease Termination
Summary of Residential Landlord Tenant Law Summary of Residential Landlord Tenant Law
Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act

Limited Liability Company

Limited Liability Company Limited Liability Company

Limited Partnership

Limited Partnership Limited Partnership

Living Wills

Living Wills Living Wills


Postnuptial Agreements Postnuptial Agreements
Premarital Agreements Premarital Agreements


Age of Majority Age of Majority
Emancipation of Minor Emancipation of Minor

Name Change

Name Change Name Change


Paternity Paternity

Power of Attorney and Health Care

Power of Attorney and Health Care Power of Attorney and Health Care

Real Estate Laws

Adverse Possession Adverse Possession
Boundary, Property and Title Disputes Boundary, Property and Title Disputes
Buying and Selling Mortgages Buying and Selling Mortgages
Condominiums and Co ops Condominiums and Co ops
Contractors and Liens Contractors and Liens
Easements Easements
Eminent Domain Eminent Domain
Foreclosure Foreclosure
Homeowner's Liability and Safety Homeowner's Liability and Safety
Homeowners Associations Homeowners Associations
Homestead Homestead
Housing Discrimination Housing Discrimination
Insurance (Homeowners and Renters) Insurance (Homeowners and Renters)
Landlord Tenant Rights Landlord Tenant Rights
Leases and Rental Agreements Leases and Rental Agreements
Neighbor Relations Neighbor Relations
Neighborhood Covenants Neighborhood Covenants
Renters' Liability Renters' Liability
Timeshares Timeshares
Trespassing Trespassing
Zoning Zoning

Real Property

Real Property Real Property
Deeds Deeds
Mortgage Satisfaction Mortgage Satisfaction
Non Foreign Affidavit Non Foreign Affidavit
Residential Property Disclosure Residential Property Disclosure
Seller's Disclosures Seller's Disclosures

Retirement and Aging

Assisted Living Facilities Assisted Living Facilities
Elder Abuse Elder Abuse
Healthcare and Medicare Healthcare and Medicare
Nursing Homes Nursing Homes
Representative Payee (SSA) Representative Payee (SSA)
Retirement Pension Plans Retirement Pension Plans
Social Security Social Security

Small Claims

Small Claims Small Claims

Tax Laws

Capital Gains Capital Gains
Consumer Taxes Consumer Taxes
Corporate Tax Corporate Tax
Income Tax overview Income Tax overview
IRS Audits IRS Audits
Personal Income Tax Personal Income Tax
Property Taxes Property Taxes
Sales Taxes Sales Taxes
Self Employment Taxes Self Employment Taxes
Small Business Tax Small Business Tax
Tax Evasion Tax Evasion


FCC Regulations FCC Regulations
Satellite and Cable Satellite and Cable
Telephone Telephone
Television Television

Tort and Personal Injury Actions

Assault Assault
Battery Battery
Libel and Slander Libel and Slander
Negligence Negligence
Product Liability Product Liability


Children Travelling Alone Children Travelling Alone
Hotel Liability Hotel Liability
International Travel International Travel
Passports and Visas Passports and Visas
Safety Safety


Trust Certificates Trust Certificates

Uniform Anatomical Gift

Uniform Anatomical Gift Uniform Anatomical Gift

Wills and Estates

Wills and Estates Wills and Estates
Disclaimer of Property Interest Disclaimer of Property Interest
International Wills Law International Wills Law
Last Will and Testament Law Last Will and Testament Law
Small Estates Small Estates
Small Estates Affidavit Law Small Estates Affidavit Law
Wills Wills

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