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USLegal, Inc. owns web sites which offer a variety of services including legal information, legal products, legal forms, and document preparation.

USLegal, Inc. is a multi-faceted publishing company, which has pioneered Internet ventures geared toward the legal profession, businesses and the public since 1997. Much of the Companyís success has been fueled by its website which offers state-specific legal forms. The increased demand for additional law related products led to the creation and development of prominent legal websites now owned by the Company.

In 2005 USLegal, Inc. was formed as a holding company for all USLegal companies and web sites including,,,,,, and others. The Company is at the forefront of an ongoing evolution in law in the 21st century. The founders of USLegal, Inc. recognized early on that the Internet would fundamentally change the way people get legal information and how lawyers offer their services. The founders of USLegal, Inc. are Frank D. Edens and Lem Adams, III, both attorneys and managing partners of Adams and Edens law firm in Brandon, MS. In 1995, Edens and Adams owned their first Internet company, LawNetCom, Inc. (LNC). LNC specialized in the development of legal websites for law firms and legal associations and also provided support materials for the Mississippi legal community through its website Edens and Adams sold LNC and in 2002.

One aspect of LNC, which the partners kept, was The website contains more than 3,000 Mississippi legal forms and operates on a subscription basis. In early 1998, Edens and Adams expanded the concept and formed U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. (USLF). Today, USLF offers more than 36,000 legal forms and is the first company on the Internet to offer state-specific legal forms for all 50 U.S. states.

With a strategic goal to integrate the offerings of legal information, products, legal forms, and document preparation through one company, in March 2005, USLegal, Inc. became the parent corporation for all websites owned by shareholders of the Company. was launched in early 2005.

USLegal, Inc. continues its growth through increased sales and marketing partnerships and through building alliances in the legal, media, and corporate arenas.

Board of Directors

Frank D. Edens - Frank D. Edens has practiced law since 1985 in Brandon, Mississippi. He was raised in Okolona, Mississippi and is a graduate of The Webb School, Bell Buckle, Tennessee (Cum Laude 1975 member of Prefect Council), and received his undergraduate degree from Mississippi State University (B.S., 1979). He graduated from the University of Mississippi Law School in 1984 (J.D. Cum Laude)(Graduated 2nd/79). Edens discovered the Internet early and is responsible the development of, the first Web Site of the Mississippi Supreme Court, the Mississippi Bar Web Site, as well as and Since 1999 he has served as CEO of U.S. Legal Forms, Inc. and USLegal, Inc.

Lem Adams, III - He received his undergraduate degree from University of Mississippi (1970); Juris Doctor from University of Mississippi (1973); general practice of law in Rankin County, Mississippi since graduation from law school; elected to office of County Prosecuting Attorney, served as City Attorney for Brandon, Pelahatchie and Flowood; past member of Mississippi Supreme Court Advisory Committee. Co-founder of, and

John N. Palmer - John Palmer has been an entrepreneur, telecommunications pioneer, and community leader. He began his career in telecommunications with the purchase of a local radio common carrier in 1965. By 1973, he had developed more than nine regional paging companies throughout the South. That year, he formed Mobile Communications Corporation of America (MCCA). During his 16-year tenure as Chairman and President, MCCA grew to become a significant force in the cellular telephone business.

In 1989, Palmer sold MCCA to BellSouth but retained certain businesses that became SkyTel Communications. These operations included SkyTel's domestic one-way paging and advanced messaging system and Latin American paging services. SkyTel became a leader in advanced wireless messaging and deployed the first nationwide two-way wireless messaging network. Palmer served as Chairman of SkyTel until its sale to MCI WorldCom in 1999.

Palmer was appointed U.S. Ambassador to Portugal by President George W. Bush and held the post from 2001- 2005. Prior to his appointment as Ambassador, Palmer was Chairman of GulfSouth Capital, Inc. in Jackson, Mississippi, which helped finance tech companies. He was also appointed by President Bush to sit on the Presidentís Export Council as a Private Sector Advisor to the Secretary of Commerce and by President Reagan as the Private Sector Trade Advisor to the Office of the U.S. Trade Representative. A native of Mississippi, Palmer received both a bachelorís degree and M.B.A from the University of Mississippi.

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